( Prices Includes Taxes )

UNIT #10 “WET or DRY”
16 ft tall 25 ft long Tropical water slide with pool splash area at bottom
$210.00 per rental.

Unit # 11 “WET or DRY”

We have reached new heights with our 27 ft. Volcano Twist. Climb the ladder to the top of this exhilarating slide. More turns, drops and twist to get your adrenaline going. This unit can only be used wet.$450.00 per rental.
* Ask about our weekend special for this unit*

UNIT #12 “WET or DRY”
17 ft tall Rockin Wave Dual Lane water slide.
$250.00 per rental.


Unit # 13 “WET or DRY”

Give the kiddos a chance to have fun with this new 20 ft Dual lane Baja Blast water slide. $295.00 per rental.


UNIT #14 “WET or DRY”
NEW 20 ft tall 36 ft long wet / dry Rainbow theme slide.
$240.00 per rental.

UNIT #15 “WET or DRY”
Volcano Slip n Slide w/ Pool. This Colorful Volcano Slip n Slide can be used individually.
$140.00 per rental.

Unit # 16 “WET or DRY”

20 ft Melting Arctic Water Slide

Zoom down this awesome 20 ft water slide. This unit is a brightly colored slide that will turn heads at any event. $240.00 per rental.

Unit # 17  WET or DRY

Escape to the island with this 16 Ft  Blue Ocean Wave water slide with pool. You and your guest will love the waves and beautiful palm trees.
$210.00 per rental



Unit #18 WET or DRY

The purple Oasis this 16 ft unit has a great color scheme and vibrant colors for a fun day of water sliding. $210.00 per rental.

UNIT #19 “WET or DRY”
NEW 12 ft tall double lane slide perfect for smaller children ages 2 – 10.
$165.00 per rental.


UNIT #23 “WET or DRY”
NEW 27 ft tall, Dual lane Mega Volcanic Rush.
$450 per rental.  * Ask about our weekend special for this unit*

UNIT #24 “WET or DRY”
NEW 36 ft long Dual Lane Slip-N-Slide.
$170.00 per rental.

UNIT # 25 “WET or DRY”

Mango Water slide

Check out our new festive eye-catching 20 ft water slide. It has a beautiful color scheme of green, yellow and orange on the outside, with red on the inside. This is just the slide to kick off your summer party. $240.00 per rental.






UNIT # 26 “WET or DRY”

18 ft Jungle Zoo Super Slide with a detachable pool. This will surely bring excitement to the party. Endless fun with a dart board game on the side of the slide while they are not sliding.  Great for kids only. $220.00 per rental.







UNIT # 27 “WET or DRY”

This 28 x 8 x 12 slip-n- slip is perfect for racing your friends. It features a long wet ride with a water cascade along to keep it slick, end with a big splash landing.   $140.00 per rental.







UNIT # 28 “WET or DRY

Attach unit # 27 to the 18 ft  Jungle zoo to double the fun. Great for kids only. $315.00 per rental.







UNIT # 29 “WET or DRY

Check out our new 20 ft Duel lane Fire Island Hybrid. This cool water slide has gender-neutral colors, And versatile which can be great for both girls or boys event. $305.00 per rental.